UK Perfect Fake Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00

My most-worn watch for 2023 is a recurring character in my collection, the luxury replica Omega Speedmaster Reduced (last year’s #2). It’s certainly not rare, but it’s dear to me for a couple of reasons. One, it has a sentimental connection to a departed family member. Secondly, it’s the super clone watch that fits my particular wrist better than just about any other I own. It actually feels like a part of me when I have it on, and now more than ever, if I ain’t feelin’ it, said watch isn’t long for this world.

The 39mm 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster automatic “Reduced” isn’t a Moonwatch, but it always got way more wear than the Speedmaster Professional that recently departed my collection. Some think of it as merely the junior sibling to the manually-wound Pro, but in daily use, it’s just a flat-out great copy watch in its own right. I love a good chrono, and the dimensions of the Reduced are right in my horological wheelhouse, due in part to the shorter, sharper twisted lugs, as well as the less bulky bracelet. In fact, it’s one of the few super clone watches for sale I own that has never left the bracelet.

The Swiss made fake Omega Reduced is considered “neo-vintage” now, being from 1996, but since it’s an absolute keeper, I’ve learned to stop worrying about wear and love the evolution of its battle scars. Scratches and scuffs on the clasp and bracelet abound, as well as on the domed Hesalite crystal, and I couldn’t care less. Once I released the Speedy Pro back into the wild, I was even more resolved to only collect pieces that actually get worn, and I’ve stuck to it. If I happen upon a pristine watch that isn’t a lifelong companion, I can guarantee it’s not going to stay. The UK AAA quality replica Omega Speedmaster Speedy Reduced is definitely a lifer. And because it’s such a perfect fit for me (in so many ways), it just seems to get more wrist time than most things in my collection. Mostly. Read on…

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