The 1970 Luxury Fake Omega Speedmaster Alaska II

Swiss made replica Omega developed the Speedmaster Alaska II watch right after the first version. This piece was very similar to the Speedmaster Professional of that time. It even used the same case reference (145.022-69). Inside was perfect fake Omega’s caliber 861, the hand-wound Lemania-based chronograph movement. It isn’t clear to us why the first Alaska Project prototype in titanium had such a strange case shape. Whether it was for a specific shock-related reason, due to other technical requirements, or just purely functional, we don’t know. While many elements of the first version disappeared in the second, what stayed was the red anodized aluminum outer case to protect the super clone watch from the high temperatures (up to 120 degrees Celsius in direct sunlight).

The red anodized aluminum case of best 1:1 replica Omega had a 60-minute scale, which rendered the tachymeter scale unusable. That said, as far as I know, the tachymeter scale is not very useful in space anyway (correct me if I’m wrong). A 60-minute scale makes more sense since astronauts could use it to mark a certain time in conjunction with the minute hand. Later Alaska II prototypes had a 0–60 bezel instead of the tachymeter-scale bezel.

Interestingly, some versions of the 1970 aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster Alaska II also used the rare “220” tachymeter bezel. This is, in fact, a bezel with an error. There should be a “200” where it says “220.” Regular Speedmaster 145.022-69 references (from 1970) with this specific faulty bezel fetch more than the correct ones. It’s quite interesting that Omega super clone for sale used this bezel for one of its prototype watches.

Although the dial color is similar to that of the first version, the two are quite different. The first one had a sloped rehaut, applied hour markers, and no Swiss super clone Omega Speedmaster marking. By contrast, the Alaska II featured a stepped dial, printed hour markers, and the “Speedmaster Professional” designation. The hands remained similar, with capsule-style sub-dial/chronograph hands, a red chronograph seconds hand, and black hour and minute hands. The capsule-shaped hands, however, changed from red to black, as you can see. Furthermore, the sub-dials were deeply recessed and featured large, radial numerals. The common belief is that there are only very few of these Alaska II copy watches in existence.

Although the Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project never made it into any of the NASA missions, it saw action on the wrists of Soviet cosmonauts from 1977 to 1981. According to Philip Corneille, who covered it in an article for SpaceFlight magazine in 2018, “Soyuz 25 cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Valeri Ryumin wore Alaska II Omega Speedmasters replica online with red outer cases on the left forearms of their Sokol spacesuits.”

Later, in 1978, the Alaska Project II was also on the wrists of cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Aleksandr Ivanchenkov during EVA. So, in the end, top quality replica Omega’s specially developed Alaska Project made it to space.

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