There’s a New UK AAA Replica Omega MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold, And With It Comes A Touch Of Pink

When I first got wind that there would be another 1:1 replica MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold and that this particular Moonshine model would have a certain pink thematic inspiration to it, I was immediately reminded of the old Nick Drake song aptly titled “Pink Moon.”
Well, the pink moon is here in the form of another perfect fake Omega MoonSwatch officially dubbed the Mission to Moonshine Gold: Pink Full Moon. At this point, I think we can likely expect to get one every full moon. Don’t quote me on that. In any event, Swatch announced the other day that 19 more global locations would play host to a one-day-only Mission to luxury super clone Omega Moonshine Gold launch event where the lucky waiting would, once again, get a chance to purchase a single watch.

We are on the ground in Las Vegas, one of those 19 locations where the Pink Full Moon is being released (at the New York-New York Casino no less), and were able to get some dedicated hands-on time with this limited riff on the Moonshine theme.
Last month, what we got was a cheap fake Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch with a stealthy number three on the Moonshine-gold-coated chronograph seconds hand as a signifier of the third full moon of the year. This time, the differentiating statement is much louder. Here we have not pink moon, but pink lume at the tip of that chronograph seconds hand.
This pink hue presents a bold contrast to the otherwise stark (and slightly gold) aesthetic of the aaa quality fake watch. It’s the sort of thing you cannot miss and the sort of thing you can literally only purchase today for $285. Other than that, the Swiss made replica Omega UK presents identically to the previous iterations of the Mission to Moonshine Gold. What does that mean?

That means you are getting essentially a standard Mission to the Moon model but with that gold-coated hand with pink flare. The pink lume is to signify that each watch was made under the pink full moon in April and there’s a certificate, um, certifying that fact (seriously). And look, while the pink certainly different — I think it serves its purpose to make the high quality replica watch special for the occasion. Sure, haters are going to hate, but buyers are also going to buy.

The normal bits of the watch are the grey-ish Bioceramic case, the black dial, and the black strap, all meant to be reminiscent of the classic top copy Omega Moonwatch, just with a Swatch-y bent.

This once-every-full-moon approach to the Swiss replica Omega MoonSwatch in 2023 is a direct response to the pandemonium that was the OG MoonSwatch in 2022, when we saw maddeningly long lines around the globe for a watch that could not be purchased online … just on line. We sort of figured we would get an update to the model range this year, but instead, we got this Moonshine Gold tour.

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