A Mir-Flown UK Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster Goes Up For Sale In The Netherlands

As RJ is traveling, I have the honor of taking over his Speedy Tuesday slot today. My old friends at Amsterdam Watch Company are bringing a watch to market. Now, that isn’t something we would usually cover, but this one is quite special and provides a good excuse to revisit an interesting chapter in Speedmaster history. This is one of 35 perfect replica Omega Speedmasters that spent 365 days aboard the Mir space station.

Let me take you back to July 1993. Swiss made replica Omega sends 18 regular steel Speedmaster Professional watches on bracelets, 10 on leather straps, and seven in full gold to the Mir space station. It would be a full year until they would come back to our humble blue and green marble. One of the steel fake watches for sale uk was recently auctioned, fetching over US$118,000. And now another comes to market.

The Mir space station
Let’s start with that special location that is the Mir space station. Mir was the first-ever modular space station that was assembled in orbit by the Soviet Union in 1986. The station remained in low orbit until 2001, making its rounds at 7.7km/s or 27,700km/h. It would go around Earth once every 91.9 minutes. The station measured 19 meters in length, 31 meters in width, and 27.5 meters high, making it the biggest-ever satellite until ISS surpassed it.

Launched in the Soviet era, it would later be operated by the Russian Federal Space Agency. However, crew members of different nationalities were allowed. This included US astronauts, which was quite a step so soon after the Cold War.

Mir functioned primarily as a microgravity (weightlessness) research lab. Never before had people spent so much time in space to test the effects of zero gravity. This is also the official purpose of the presence of the 35 cheap fake Omega Speedmaster watches. AAA quality super clone Omega wanted to test the effects of long-term microgravity on the watches’ performance, so up they went in 1993.

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